Friday, July 29, 2011

Sorority Rush Week

A brutal I hear...

Rush Week is approaching fast and I am more ready than ever! Yeah...I will be participating in Rush what?! :) I have heard all of the horror stories about it, but I have heard more good than bad things about rushing to tell you the truth. I am so excited for college and ready for my next step in life to begin. I move into my dorm the 9th of August, and Rush begins the 10th and lasts till the 15th (which is the first day of classes! eeeeee!!!) I have confidence that I will make it...but just in case some sororities need a little persuasion I have a great arsenal of dresses, a beaming personality, and a killer resume;) POW! Triple threat.

And just for are a few of my dresses that I will be wearing for Rush Week:

I love this dress now. What do I mean by "now?" Well what I mean is that I hated this dress on the hanger and didn't like it so much when I originally tried it on. It hung wrong, it was way below the knee, and I didn't like it. But, with the coaxing of my dad I eventually bought it. Why? Because he suggested that we could get it altered. Ah, alterations, you have saved me many times. And this dress was no exception. It looks soooooo much better now! Thanks Dad for convincing me to get it! Here is the original...which do you like better?


Another dress that I plan to wear is this white one. We are required to wear a white dress on the last day of Rush (Aug. 15) because that is induction day. We all wear white dresses. I can't wait to wear this one. Some girls don't make it to the last day because they are either cut or drop out...but I plan to make it:)
Zoomed in on waist of dress

And the third dress I am showing you is a fun one:)
This one has a small "cut-out" back. I haven't decided on shoes for it yet though...

Well I hope you like these dresses. I can share more of my dresses if anyone is interested. Be sure to leave your comments and vote in this week's poll:) Get out there and try something new!


  1. haha thanks! I am actually rushing right now and this dress was fantastic:)