If you have browsed the "Products I am Loving Page" you probably noticed my affinity for Neutrogena products...Well, that is because my experience with these products has been great:) I have used their makeup since.....well, as long as I have worn makeup! I started wearing makeup in the ninth grade, and I will be a Freshman in college this fall, so a good five years I would say. I love love love that their products don't clog pores or irritate skin, in fact some of their makeup does the opposite: it heals the blemishes and acne. I recently changed from the mineral powder to the Neutrogena pressed powder, and both work;) I am of the paler complexion (hence the blog name...) so it can be hard to find products that aren't too dark or heavy on the skin. But the powders have worked splendidly for me. Makeup wise I use powder, mascara, under eye concealer, and blemish concealer by Neutrogena.
I also use their products in my facial care routine as well. I have had slight acne since the fifth grade, and haven't started totally clearing it up till recently. I visit the Dermatologist every six months and have been placed on the antibiotic Solodyn and the topical gel Duac for a while now. These medicines keep my acne under control (especially during my period) but they don't totally heal it. So, I started experimenting with different face washes and scrubs to see what would help clear up my face without chapping it our making it worse in some cases. And I recently discovered this face scrub by Neutrogena that is actually helping to clear my face up! It is called Deep Clean Relaxing Nightly Scrub. I use it, obviously, every night in my facial cleansing routine (which I will discuss in a little bit.) And it has done wonders! It makes my face feel soft, moisturized, and very clean. Every night I wash the makeup off of my face (either in the shower or over the sink.) I first take off my eye makeup with Neutrogena's Eye Makeup Remover, then I wash my face with an Olay Combination/Oily face cloth, and then I use this magical nightly scrub. I have integrated this facial scrub into my nightly routine for about five days now and my face is clearing up faster than it has before. The scrub really does clean all the dirt out of my pores allowing my face to be clean enabling it to become healthier.
  I really do recommend trying Neutrogena products to anyone, male or female. The makeup is not harmful to the skin and the entire Neutrogena brand is geared towards clearing up the users skin. If you don't try anything else of theirs try their Nightly Scrub! Making the change to Neutrogena has turned my skin's health around. So, get out there and try something new.

Their products can be found just about anywhere, but here is their website:
Check it out:) And no, Neutrogena is NOT paying me to write this, this is of my own opinion and is not sponsored by any means.