Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to School Fashion: Part 1

Going back to school???

Pretty Little Liars
There are many great ways to start off your year right, and a versatile wardrobe is a good start. Clothes are an extension of your personality, so it is always great to accentuate it to the best of your ability. I for one remember the days of trying to pick out a fantabulous outfit for first day of school every year to impress everyone (even though, looking back, some of those outfits were pretty awful...) And I am looking forward to my first year in college now where I will get to do just that again:)
The great thing about back to school fashion this year is, there are so many great trends going on right now that are also appropriate for school. I know, sometimes it can be hard to find clothes that look great AND are legal to wear at school. We have all been there! 
One fool proof way to stay in style this year is have some great basics. What I mean by this is, have basic pieces in your wardrobe that can be layered or paired with multiple items in your closet so that you can have many outfits. Having great pieces in your wardrobe helps build your wardrobe tremendously! Pieces to have this year in your back to school wardrobe:
1. V-Neck shirt
Target V-neck
  V-necks are a great basic that can be paired with a jacket, cardigan, vest, skirt, shorts, jeans, dresses, almost anything! That is why it is a great piece to have:) You don't want anything too low cut because you may not be able to wear it to school, and too low cut shirts may not be age appropriate for middle school goers. So look for a great cut. My favorite v-neck right now is one that I obtained from Target. This is one that I recommend for most everyone in the v-neck has a great cut and is super soft. They come in many colors and are on sale right now at Target for $5!!! Why not pick up a few for that low of a price?! 

2. Skinny Jeans/Bootcut Jeans
  Two other pieces that you should have in your back to school wardrobe are skinny jeans and bootcut jeans. These two cuts of jeans are great on most figures and will pull together most any outfit. But try to avoid torn, frayed, ripped, or bleached jeans, these are not in style and are not appropriate for school. Darker washes look great!

Michelle Phan rocking a blazer and a dress
3. Blazer 
  Blazers look great on men, but are making a statement on women now too! Blazers make a great statement piece for this fall and can be paired with anything from a v-neck and jeans to a dress. It is just a great piece to have. 

4. Cardigans
  Cardigans are a great piece if you want to layer, or add some color or texture to an outfit, and they are just so cute!!!

So those were just some basics for your closet. I will put up another post on some great looks for back to school. I am posting this in parts because I was so behind so I wanted get something out there so that y'all don't give up on me:) Enjoy. And, get out here and try something new!

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