Noteworthy Websites

Here are some websites that I am love love lovin'!

1.) Michelle Phan : she started off on YouTube a few years ago doing makeup tutorials and beauty how-to's and  she is now somewhat of a fashion celebrity internationally. Her website boasts many followers, including myself, that are passionate about beauty and fashion and are fans of her work. Definitely check her out, she was my inspiration for this blog:) Her YouTube channel can be found here: Michelle Phan along with her charity channel: Rice Bunny

2.) ModCloth: this is a website for "retro vintage clothing". I absolutely love this website and adore their clothing! I can spend so much time just browsing this site. It has such cute classy clothes that appeal to almost any girl:) They deal in tops, bottoms, swim wear, dresses (my favorite part of their site), outerwear, intimates, accessories, shoes, stuff for rooms/apartments, and first-come-first-serve vintage clothing. I really recommend checking this site out.

3.) hulu: now this is a site where you can watch tv shows, movies, and clips. It is totally free (unless you upgrade to huluPlus...) and I use it almost daily to catch up on shows that I missed or couldn't watch because I was out and about while it was sure beats paying for TeVo;) But, seriously, this has been a great help to me because I don't always have time to just sit down and watch Pretty Little Liars or The Glee Project every time that it is definitely look into that, especially if you are a busy person like me.

4.) Dear Blank, Please Blank: this is just a fun pass the time site. It is basically a bunch of these:
Dear period,
Hey there, I was just packing for my one week holiday by the ocean.
                                                                                             Sincerely, perfect timing.
Most are seriously funny and totally relatable which is what makes them so funny! I have wasted so many hours on this site and it always seems to brighten my mood:) If you want a laugh and love to waste time...have at it!

5.) MAC Cosmetics: I love MAC makeup! It is kind of pricey makeup but it is so worth the price in quality. Their makeup brushes are fantastic and their products have not failed me yet. And plus they have an online service where you can ask a professional makeup artist via chat about anything helps when you are stuck in a rut.

Freckles Boutique 6.) Freckles Boutique: ok about 99.99%  of you have never heard of this website because it is a boutique here in my hometown. But, they sell super cute clothes and they can ship whatever you order to you even thought they are a little boutique:) Some of their stuff is a little expensive but the clothes are so worth it! Give it a spin...I hope you like it.

That is all I have for now...but I will update this when I feel I have found a site that I find "noteworthy":)