Sunday, August 7, 2011

My New Baby!

Haha! The title of this post got you didn't it?! I wasn't pregnant. My new baby is my beautiful MacBook Air!!! I absolutely love this laptop! I originally had a Dell Latitude E5400 for about two years...and this bad boy totally trumps that laptop. I made the switch from PC to Mac and am absolutely enjoying every second of it *pinch me*

So, right now I am packing for college and man do I have a lot to pack! You don't realize how much "stuff" you need until you are trying to pack it into little boxes and duffel bags;) I leave for college Tuesday morning so I have a lot to do before then....

Well I just thought I would update you guys as to what is happening. So, I have a question for you guys...what should I name my new "baby." Leave your suggestions in the comments section or on my Questions/Suggestions section of the site:) Hope to hear some good ones!

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