Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dress for Success

Every women needs the chance to succeed.
On the right side of my blog I have added a widget called SocialVibe. What this allows me to do is help any charity of my choice (off of their list.) I chose to support Dress for Success because of their mission: to give every women that they can a chance to obtain a job and support themselves. Dress for Success provides each women that they help with a suit and accessories so that they will look great for their job interview(s). And, when they get the job, Dress for Success then provides them with a weeks worth of business attire clothes so that they will look professional for their job. This is a great charity that has touched many lives, and I would like to help them touch even more. In today's economy everyone needs a chance at a job, and providing women with the attire they need to land the job is the first step to a successful life. So, as viewers and followers I challenge you to click on the widget watch the ad and click one of the boxes on the right of the ad that comes up, takes only 3 minutes out of your day to help a great cause. I have taken the first step, now I ask you to lend a helping hand. Thanks for all the support:) 

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