Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to School Fashion: Part Deux

Now you have the basics...
Recap: Things you need as basics for your back to school wardrobe: v-necks, skinny/bootcut jeans, blazer, cardigans (Back to School Fashion: Part 1)

This fall is all about clean, effortless looking, simplicity. So, your makeup shouldn't be any different. Here are some looks that will be sure to impress this fall.

From a Michelle Phan Makeup Tutorial
Simple Makeup
  Keeping it simple isn't bad. Simplicity is beautiful too:) To achieve a simple look don't over emphasize any one aspect of your face. Now, I didn't say don't emphasize any features on your face, I said don't over emphasize. The simple makeup look is without drama, so no bold eyeshadows. What you want is a clean powdered face, simple eyeliner, mascara, and light colored blush. For the eyeliner stay as close to the lash line as you possibly can and tightline your eyes to create a look of fuller eyelashes (tightlining is lining under  your lashline.)
Tightlining your eyes
                                                                  Bold Eyes
Taylor Swift-Bold Eyes, Clean Face
  Another great back to school fall look is bold eyes and simple makeup. The hues for this fall are copper, gold, brown, and warm colors in general. When using eyeshadow know what you are trying to create. Do you want a smoky eye? want to bring out your eye color more? coordinate with colors in outfit? A great eyeshadow palette for fall is Maybelline Eye Studio in Give me Gold. This eyeshadow palette looks great on all eye colors. And this palette has all the great colors of fall! Another way to create a bold eye for back to school is dramatic eyelashes. This can be created with or without false eyelashes (but for school I myself wouldn't do the false eyelashes...that is just me.) 

The Minor Details
Aside from your main makeup look you need to take care of a few other things first: keep your skin clean, fill out your eyebrows, and chapstick. 
1. Keeping your skin clean and clear is the best way to keep it looking healthy and glowing. So adopt a skincare routine that fits your face and stick with it. It is now that you should start taking care of it, so that you can keep it healthy for years to come. 
2. Filling out your eyebrows may not be a necessity for everyone. But, by filling out I don't mean drawing your brows on. Just fill in any spaces to keep your brows looking great a full. And for those who may have over plucked your eyebrows to the point of almost non-existence, filling in is a great way to hide your mistake while giving them time to grow back (we have all done it...or may do it happens...we learn from our mistakes!)
Pink Blossom
3. Chapstick. Chapstick. Chapstick. Keep those lips moisturized and healthy! Moisturized lips look a hundred times better than dry cracked lips! And if you want to try a pop of color but aren't into lipstick try a tinted chapstick like Burt's Bees:)

I hope that you guys are liking the back to school fashion series:) I have a few more posts in this series to go...what things would you like to see in the coming posts? Leave your suggestions in the comments, or under Questions/Suggestions, or in the Community Answers box on the right hand side of the page (below popular posts.) Hope to get some feedback and enjoy your weekend!!! :) Get out there and try something new!

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