Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer/Fall Hairstyles

Hair can be a centerpiece or an accessory.
 Wavy                          Straightened                        Braided

This summer has been about "au naturel" hairstyles. I haven't seen much of the hair-sprayed curls or intricately pinned up buns in a while. This summer was and is (until September 23) about naturally wavy locks, starightened hair, and cute braids. And these will carry on into this fall as well. This fall is all about the seemingly effortless locks:)

To obtain these hairstyles is not very difficult at all, and that is the point! "Effortless" chic is the ultimate goal...

                                                Wavy Hair 
Kate Hudson Naturally Wavy
  Wavy hair can be obtained one of three ways: naturally, with hair products, or with a curling iron. But if your hair is naturally straight and doesn't do well holding curls, this style may not be for you...but there are so many ways to embrace that naturally straight hair that will be discussed a little later on! Anyhoo, naturally wavy hair is great, you can just let it air dry and VOILA! awesome hair. But, in order to clean up the waves a little I recommend using a little mousse before letting it air dry just to polish the curls and tame the dreaded frizz. And if you want to create waves that hold all day, just use a little mousse while standing straight up, and then flip your hair upside down and add mousse to the underneath and scrunch the hair while you add it, just to give it a little more volume. Then, if your hair dryer has settings for speed, put the hair dryer on the lowest speed and dry your hair just a little bit, scrunching as you go. But, don't dry it all the way! You want the hair to dry mostly by itself so that you get that natural look. The third way to get waves is to use a large curling iron and curl your hair in large chunks. Then after you have curled all of your hair, separate the curls with your fingers, then flip your head upside down and shake your hair a little. This will give you a soft wave look. And if you want the waves to hold without hairspray, mousse your hair a little before you dry it, then curl it.

                                         Straightened Hair
  Straightened hair is a go to hairstyle because you can do so much with it. Now, if your hair is naturally straight this is where your tips and recommendations come in to play;) Wearing your hair straight looks neat and polished and is always in style. There are many different ways to wear this hair style too, and it, along with waves is great for fall. Headbands are a great accessory for straight hair. Since your hair isn't super styled you can draw attention to hair accessories instead. Feather headbands are looking to be pretty popular this fall, and you can go either subtle or dramatic with these. And you can also accessorize with hair clips or even braids.

                                                     Braided Hair

Fishtail Braid
  This summer was the season of the braid. There were so many girls rocking this look and it is so cute on so many different age groups! And braids will be great for fall too, you can even accessorize many possibilities:) Well, since I can't really explain how to do braids in words, I will put some great braid styles for summer and fall up. And, if you like them and would like to know how to do them, just leave a comment and I will find a way to explain it to you;) But my favorite braid right now is the rope braid! It is quick, simple, and is a link on how to do it (this is where I learned to do the rope braid!)

Rope Braid
So throughout the end of summer and all of fall remember effortless chic!

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